Fovad Oveisy

Fovad Oveisy, PhD Student
UC Irvine

I work on the epistemo-ontological stakes of realpolitik and map those philosophical coordinates of realpolitik within neoliberalism that divorce it from theorizing the radically new. I ask if realpolitik constitutes a technical comportment toward the question of resistance, how philosophy may resist its phobia of realpolitik, and how realpolitik may offer philosophical interpretations to political resistance. My two divergent case studies, the Rojava revolution and the Iranian revolution, contextualize the philosophical challenges of articulating how the anarchic may run its course in spite of the insistence of the archaic.

Predictable Trump
I argue for a ‘predictable’ representation of Trump’s image and media strategy. I aim to show the manners in which truth-narratives are complicit in the production of ‘alternative facts,’ and how performing unpredictability gives Trump predictable historical power and legitimacy.


Twitter: @consul_general