2014 Killam Research Fellowship goes to Kevin Haggerty

The Around the World conference is pleased to feature Dr. Kevin Haggerty, recipient of a 2014 Killam Research Fellowship. Dr. Haggerty is a Professor of Sociology and Criminology at the University of Alberta and is the editor of the Canadian Journal of Sociology. He has published extensively on the topic of surveillance and the prestigious Killam research award will allow him to focus on a book he is writing aimed at a popular audience outlining factors that allowed widespread surveillance to become a commonly accepted practice.

Dr. Haggerty is also a member of the executive team for the SSHRC funded Major Collaborative Research Initiative “The New Transparency” which brings together several institutions and scholars with the aim of advancing surveillance studies through critical and comparative research.

Some of the questions Dr. Haggerty addresses in his work include how “surveillance creep” has risen to unprecedented and previously inconceivable levels including extensive new measures implemented at major events and “mega-games.” He is also interested in studying the effects and consequences of surveillance on individuals.