Sustainability and the Public

0:00 – Introduction: Geoffrey Rockwell

Panel: Academic Responsibility and Climate Activism
6:00 – Ken Hiltner, UC Santa Barbara
28:42  Peter Kalmus, NASA climate scientist
44:06 – Andrew Glover, RMIT University, Melbourne
CHAIR: Olenka Bilash, University of Alberta

1:09:56 – Roundtable Discussion: Living Labs, Resilient Cities and Repair Culture: Environmental Sustainability at Western Sydney University Australia
– Maryella Hatfield, Lecturer and Documentary filmmaker (The Future Makers), Western Sydney University
– Abby Mellick Lopes, Design for Sustainability, Western Sydney University
– Alison Gill, Design for Sustainability, Western Sydney University
CHAIR: Hart Cohen, Western Sydney University
TECH: David Levy and Addy Fong

Sustainability in Practice – Revolutionary Ideas to Change How we Live and Learn

0:00 – Opening Remarks: Geoffrey Rockwell

4:11 – Q&A: Erika Daley, Program Manager of My Green Lab 
CHAIR: Naomi Krogman

24:01 – Q&A: Paul Palmer, founder of the Zero Waste Institute
CHAIR: William Shotyk

54:12 – Panel: Sustainable Research in the North
– Amy Amos, Exec-Director of the Gwich’in Renewable Resource Board
“Research Priority Process in the Gwich’in Settlement Area”
– Jean Polfus, Liber Ero Post-doctoral Fellow based in Tulit’a, NWT
“Ɂełexé Eghálets’eda (Learning Together): Advancing sustainable conservation strategies through cross-cultural collaboration”
CHAIR: Roger Epp

1:31:36 – Video Presentation: Research Unit for Indigenous Arts and Cultures
– Tiriki Onus (Yorta Yorta), University of Melbourne
– Sally Treloyn, University of Melbourne

Art and/in the Anthropocene: A Debate on Sustainability and Ecology

9:39 – Introductions: Geoffrey Rockwell and Panel Organizers Natalie Loveless and Jessie Beier

14:29 – Artist-researcher video bios

26:05Karin Bolender, artist-researcher

32:32Christa Donner, artist, writer, curator and educator, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

38:05Andrew Yang, interdisciplinary artist-researcher, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

49:49Mia Feuer, Winnipeg-based interdisciplinary sculptor

57:29Leanne Olson, Edmonton-based photo-artist and community arts facilitator

1:01:21Scott Smallwood, sound artist, composer and performer

Green Philosophies: Re-Defining our Sustainable Past (and Future)

0:00 – Introductions: Geoffrey Rockwell

Panel: History and Philosophy of Sustainability
29:39 – Petra Dolata, University of Calgary, Canada Research Chair of the History of Energy, Energy and Society Working Group
“Sustainability in the Anthropocene”
23:56 – Howard Nye, University of Alberta, practical ethics and political philosophy
“Why be Sustainable? Expected Consequences and the Ethics of Making an Indeterminate Difference”
CHAIR: Shannon Stunden-Bower

1:01:44 – Roundtable Discussion: L’accès libre: un devoir moral et scientifique
– Marcello Vitali, Montreal U
– Michael Sinatra, Montreal U
– Nicolas Sauret, Montreal U
– Jean-Claude Guédon, Montreal U
– Joana Casenave, Montreal U

1:34:53 – Keynote: Virtual Online Conferences: How good do they have to be to be good enough?
– Terry Anderson, distance research and education expert
This session looks at the characteristics, advantages and challenges of virtual conferences in academic contexts. The session gives examples of three such conferences organized by the presenter and notes the carbon costs and social benefits.

Conscious Computing: From Energy Consumption to the Ethics of Data Viz

0:00 – Introductions: Geoffrey Rockwell

Panel: IT Energy Consumption
1:35 Anders S.G. Andrae, Huawei Technologies, Sweden
26:26 – Douglas Barlage, University of Alberta
“Impact of the Digital Revolution on World Wide Energy Consumption”
CHAIR: Ivan Fair

1:02:28 – Roundtable: Minimal Computing
– Roopika Risam, Salem State University
– Alex Gil, Columbia University
– John Simpson, Compute Canada’s Digital Humanities Specialist

1:31:32 – Closing Remarks from Geoffrey Rockwell