Peter McGuire

Peter McGuire, news and features journalist for the Irish Times and Huffington Post

Peter McGuire is a freelance journalist, mostly writing features and investigations for The Irish Times. His areas of interest including education, science, health, consumer affairs and human interest. He has twice received funding from the Mary Raftery Journalism Fund for an investigation into school sex education and another looking at child abuse in Irish society; both were published in The Irish Times, He is a former lecturer in Irish folklore at University College Dublin.

Abstract: Peter McGuire has written on media for the Sunday Business Post and, more recently, he wrote about how the education system can tackle the rise of the far-right and where it is failing to do so. In his talk, he will look at what the obstacles are to developing critical thinking and media literacy in schools, and he will speak about the challenges facing journalists today in getting to the truth.

Twitter: @PeterMcGuireIE