Robert Budac

Robert Budac, MA Student, Humanities Computing
University of Alberta

Robert Budac is a Master of Arts student in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta, with a background in Computing Science. His research interests lie in Game Studies, with a specific interest in the potential for pacifist play within violent video games. Despite having a lifelong fascination with the field, Robert is relatively new to the humanities, and is always excited to see new ways in which computing science and the humanities can contribute to one another.

Analyzing Gamergate through Large-Scale Twitter Data

Rob Budac and Zachary Selman Palmer summarize their research group’s ongoing research into the Gamergate phenomenon. This group has been collecting and analyzing Gamergate-hashtagged tweets since October 2014. This presentation describes the group’s methods, their early findings, and the persistent questions that guide the future of this research project. Data and analysis from this project has been made available through the University of Alberta Library’s Dataverse service. To download this project’s public data, go to and search for ‘Gamergate Reactions’ by Geoffrey Rockwell and Todd Suomela.
Twitter: @RobertBudac