Sourayan Mookerjea

Sourayan Mookerjea, Associate Professor of Theory and Cultural studies and Director of the Intermedia Research Studio

The University of Alberta

Sourayan Mookerjea is associate professor of theory and cultural studies and director of the Intermedia Research Studio at the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta where he specializes in decolonizing social theory, critical globalization studies, and intermedia research.

His current projects and publications include SSHRC funded research on The Commons and the Convergence of Crises, an intermedia/decolonizing theory of the commons, Toxic Media Ecologies: Critical Responses to the Cultural Politics of Planetary Crises and is co-director of Feminist Energy Futures. He is a founding member of RePublicU, a critical university studies collaboration, of the Arts and the Anthropocene social justice research creation CoLab at the University of Alberta, of The Corporate Mapping Project at the University of Victoria, and of the Prairie Partnership on Arts Research at the University of Regina.  He is co-editor of Canadian Cultural Studies: A Reader (Duke University Press, 2009).